The PGI Quarterly Geopolitical Risk Forecast aims to provide in-depth information for organisations with global operations to ensure the safety of their people and continuity of projects and commercial relationships.

Stay ahead of global threats with the Quarterly Geopolitical Risk Forecast

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Risk Intelligence

Information contained in PGI’s Quarterly Risk Forecast is compiled by in-house experienced intelligence experts, who have specialist knowledge of key sectors. This experience and knowledge enables them to identify political, reputational, commercial and security risks across the globe, providing organisations with an in-depth understanding of the world in which they are doing business.

The full report will cover:

● Threat Changes
An assessment of a change in the quantitative risk score given to a country in the past quarter.

● Watch List
Current or forecast trends or upcoming events that could change the threat environment within a country during the next quarter.

● Key dates
Key political, religious and cultural dates and events to be aware of which could be of interest or pose a risk.

● Trend Changes
An analysis of trend changes across the Risk Portal’s 8 security and 3 business threat categories.

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The Risk Portal is a real-time online risk management service that gives users daily

information and analysis on global affairs.

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